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An executive assistant tends to be one of the most visible people in the office. But these days, handling administrative duties, operating the phones, and making life easier for the people running the business can easily be handled virtually.

Start growing your business and reducing overhead.

1. Schedule a discovery call
We’ll have the chance to learn about you, your business, and we’ll answer all the questions you may have. 
2. Meet your assistant
We will match you with one of our executive virtual assistants as well as the management team. 
3. Training 

we will do a zoom training witch we will use to create the training manual should you have the need for more employees in the future. 



What's in it for you?

Training & Coaching

Most employers spend way too much time training and coaching employees, only to watch them leave. We even noticed some employers would prefer to keep an underperforming employee on board not to have to go through the hiring and training process. Keeping a C player on your team can cost your business.
We do ongoing training and weekly coaching with every employee on our team. Once you hire one of our team members, all you need to do is train us once. We will record and build a training platform should the need arise for an additional employee or a replacement. Also, any new instructions from you will be added to the training materials for your team. This way you can spend time growing the business.

Reduce H.R. Liability

By partnering with us, you're not only saving money on wages and employment tax, but you also eliminate all H.R. for anyone you hire with us.
The Fact is U.S.-based small and medium-sized businesses face an almost 12 percent chance that they will be hit with an employment claim, with the chances being much higher in certain states. The median judgment for cases that go to trial is approximately $200,000 for employment lawsuits adjudicated by the courts. In contrast, one-in-four cases resulted in a judgment of $500,000 or more, according to the study.
Let's face it, you are a Business Owner and not an employment attorney. Laws are often changing, and they are hard to keep up with. Having to worry or even think about that is a waste of brainpower. You can put that to rest by partnering with us.

Right Fit

According to Entrepreneur.com, "One of the biggest challenges for companies is hiring the right candidates for their jobs and their culture. The reason is that most managers have not been trained in the art and science of hiring human beings." Each employee on our team has gone through a minimum of 4 interviews with 4 different Hiring Managers. We also use personality D.I.S.C. profile and assessment forms. We really do our homework before assigning an employee to your team, and we make sure they are a great fit for your company and culture.

Managing & Monitoring

Peter Drucker is a management analyst who believes that measurement precedes management. “Unless you know what you have on your plate—unless you have measured it ounce by ounce—you can’t manage it.” Peter means to say that you need to know your problem before you can solve it—and you need to know it ounce by ounce. Success is a bogus concept unless it’s measured. You need metrics to track and define success, set goals and achieve those in a given timeframe, evaluate if you’re doing better than you were previously doing. We record our calls and our Quality assurance team makes sure all computer activities are monitored. QA’s job is to report, every week, to the team, with recommendations for promotion and coaching. If you were thinking “that’s micromanaging,” think again! It’s just that the devil’s in the details—and we like zeroing in on them. the information that we collect helps the employees to improve—and it helps us provide impeccable service to our clients and their businesses.

Grow your operations

Scaling your operation is as easy as sending a request email. Trying to create a new department or expand a new one?  all you need to do is let us know and we will have someone ready to fill the position.  You feel that you made a mistake by growing fast? no problem, let us know and we will reduce the size of your team. It’s your show and we are here to support you.  We’re ready to scale when you are!

Check Out What Our Past Clients Have to Say

Success stories

Johnheadshot - Home
Ted Sdavinisky "They helped me grow from a one-man show to a team of 7"

As a small insurance agency owners i was wearing a lot of hats, One minute it’s sales, the next marketing or back-office. It seems to be the nature of the beast. I got into business for my self so i can have freedom, and found my self working harder than ever with no free time to spare, until i found the unleash your team. I remember starting with the first hire it was so easy that i thought it can't be real. soon Grace my first employee had a better handle on the operation then i did. Now i have 7 employees and my production is up buy more then 200%, i am able to spend more time home with the family.

Jorge - Home
Jorge Williams

My VA has been extremely patient and supportive as I’ve had to adapt my business for someone else to share the load. Communication has been great and they are always helpful and do their best to gain an understanding of what we want and need! They work from a quality workplace with excellent facilities and I like the fact that senior managers are on hand to ensure my employee arrives on time to work and is productive throughout the day.

Erika - Home
Ericka Miller

We have been using the services of Unleash your team for the past months and cannot fault or be more happy with the quality of service. It’s been great knowing that I now have the support with day-to-day tasks plus more and has certainly taken the pressure off. If you are considering adding VA's to your team, I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Matthew - Home
Matthew Garcia

We have been so happy with the people they have brought on board we have decide to expand the operation. Unleash your team has provided excellent staff and helped us to integrate them with our local team and our overall process. We’ve been extremely happy with our decision to work with them.

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