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Virtual Insurance Sales Representative For Hire

virtual sales agent

Scale faster with an expert virtual sales agent.

Time is money– this is especially true for a virtual sales agent closing a deal. Our virtual staffing solutions include finding a dedicated virtual salesperson to help insurance agencies scale faster.

Maximizing Your Sales Time with a Virtual Salesperson

A virtual sales agent can support sales initiatives in various ways. Aside from gathering prospect contacts and identifying potential leads, their best feat should be making cold calls and championing a pitch into a sure close. Selling insurance aside, a virtual sales assistant is also bound to do basic back-office tasks such as responding to inquiries through emails and chat. 

Here’s what a virtual sales agent can do for your insurance agency:

Lead Generation & Research

A virtual sales assistant has the ability to identify prospective clients. It is within their responsibility to maintain and update their lead list and devise a contact strategy that will bridge the gaps in prospecting.

Outbound Calling

Your virtual salesperson will take the initiative in making the first move. Typically through cold calling, our virtual sales agent will reach out to leads and pitch an insurance policy.

Appointment Setting

Touched base with a prospective client and feeling positive about turning it into a close? Let our virtual sales assistant schedule appointments and engage with your lead to make sure communications aren’t interrupted. 


Our virtual sales assistant will contact warm leads at planned intervals to keep interactions alive. They will provide additional information as requested or keep them engaged with content that could pique their interest.

Other Administrative Tasks

Our virtual sales assistant can take care of additional administrative tasks such as capturing notes, updating CRM tools, managing sales data, and assisting with sales reports. You can offload tedious admin tasks to our virtual sales agent.

Start Selling More with Unleash Your Team

No need to spend hours trying to figure out how to sell your products, that's what our virtual staffing solutions are made for! We know that selling is an art and that's what our virtual sales agents specialize at. Whether you are running a small business, an enterprise, or a startup, there is no doubt that your time is valuable. Creating a virtual sales team will increase your company's daily productivity. It is cost-effective, too. Virtual sales assistants help in reducing sales cycle time while increasing win rates.

Do you want to lessen your work with our smart and experienced Virtual Assistants ?